Platypus Review

Old-School Clay

Submitted by cmalessa11 on Sun, 2008-09-21 22:42.
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*Smooth Gameplay*Creative Graphic Style*Fitting Soundtrack*High Fun Factor*Good Difficulty Balance*
*Repetitive*Fairly Basic Premise*

This game is in one word, very original. The first thing you'll undoubtedly notice is the interesting clay-animations. The gameplay very closely resembles that of Darius Twin or R-Type. Though despite its old-school gameplay, this game is very fresh. The visual style used in the game will keep you pretty entertained, and with a catchy soundtrack by Chris Abbot you can't go wrong. The difficulties are very well balanced. On easy you'll find a laid back side-scrolling shooter, while on hard you'll be frantically dodging bullets. Basically this game is a shoot em' up sidescroller which consists of several levels each containing 5 areas. There are several power-ups to add to the mix and more than a few massive bosses. The game was made by Anthony Flack in New Zealand. While in the creation proccess his country was at a loss of Plasticine so he used the same gray lump of it over and over, then edited in color in Photoshop. The story , however unimportant, is still there. You fly an antique space craft from the F-27 Platypus fleet (Hence the title) in an attempt to protect Mungola fom an invasion by Colossatropolis. I hear a sequel is in the works as well.