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Excellent but advanced

Submitted by mailgeting on Mon, 2008-09-22 01:49.
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Advanced Vedic horoscope than can tell you everything.
You have to know everything about Vedic horoscope or you have to search the web to understand it.

Horoscope Explorer is an excellent software if you are interested in Vedic horoscope.

You just enter information’s about you (date, time, country and city of birth) and you will get every information for your Vedic horoscope.
It also have a marriage horoscope, where you enter your information’s and your husband/wife information’s, and only by one click you get full marriage horoscope.

Because the lack of help for the program (only help for the program settings), you need to know little bit of astrology to reed and understand the information’s that program gives you so you can make sense of it.

I must say that it have a very poor and simple design, it had a problems with making an pdf file, and your computer regional settings must be set for English otherwise it dos not work at all.