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Submitted by maheshbabu on Thu, 2008-09-25 19:07.
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Both text and image watermarks, details of image as watermarks, inbuilt image editor(not complete), easy to use and to eyes, marking mltiple files at a time.
Images get replaced if saved in same folder. Nothing else!

Do you feel robbed on seeing the images you created being posted illegally on the web?

Watermark is a decent solution for people who are bothered about the copyrights of their images. With watermark, you can add either 'text' or 'image' watermarks to the images you post on web and it offers you a range of flexibilities when you do so.

When you use a 'text' watermark you can specify all kinds of formatting, add shadows, emboss, change angle and literally anything you could think of. It also lets you add background, which I feel is not a required feature as it covers a portion of the image unlike the other effects which are transparent. Another cool feature is that yo can place this watermark anywhere on the image using the x,y coordinates. Then, you also have some pre-defined modes which will cover the entire image in various formats(again not so useful, because you don't want to obscure your image).

The same applies to using 'images' as water marks where in you can use your own image or one of the many provided in-built as a watermark. This has all the flexibilities you have with 'text' watermarks.

A notable feature is that you can get the details of your image file like author, date of creation etc. directly to be used as watermarks.

With watermark you can do the marking at a time for as many images as you want. Adding images is also easy with the "Add Folder" option. You also have some other trivial things like thumbnails, saving profiles etc.

Watermark Factory also provided with image editing tools but these are very limited. If you are serious about your images you would prefer using one of the image editing tools provided by the Operating System or some tools specific for that purpose.

One last thing. Be careful when you apply the watermarks and generate the image. Watermark does not rename the image but replaces the original image. If you are using a trial version you got to be more careful as a big mark saying "Trial Version" will be placed on the image. It would have been better if they generated a new image like "filename-watermarked.jpg".