East-Tec Eraser 2006 Review

Good but could have been better

Submitted by Savage699 on Wed, 2008-10-08 01:41.
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Does what it says it's going to. Allows you to truly erase files off your computer. Checks windows and other program settings for data stored that the generic computer user might not even know is taking place.
No stealth feature. Has a very dominate presence on your system with pop up warnings and a large boot screen letting you know it is working. Everyone around you and in your family could easily tell you are using this software.

I really liked the idea behind this software. Who doesn't want to erase all their tracks from their computer? And it really does do just that. Clearing all the unintentional information that windows and other programs running on your computer may be gathering. It wipes or writes over the free space on your hard drive so it is truly empty. It has a recycle bin feature so that files you delete are really deleted and not recoverable by a "hacker" or anyone else you don't want seeing your information you thought you deleted. However it's presence is just too great on the system. I wish there was a "stealth" feature so people coming up behind me or other users on the computer couldn't see I was using it. Cause sometimes just the thought your hiding something from someone is enough to upset them or make them think you have something to hide.