CoffeeCup GIF Animator Review

This coffee has a little more sugar!

Submitted by aroshu123 on Thu, 2008-10-16 18:55.
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good interface, many options
high price

Coffeecup GIF animator helps us to creste gif animations for our web page, they can be also used to create our ad banners. We can import many JPG our BMP files as frames and make it as a slideshow! The other cool feature is that we can insert ordinary .avi movie and convert it completely into a picture file. here are many other GIF animators and one of the best advantage with coffeecup is that while we convert our work to GIF the clarity of the picture is not fully lost as in others.To get our file without losing the quality at all we can save it as flash ,we don't need any other convertors, also a person who doesn't know to work with Flash can easily create SWF files here.. It has a cool interface which is really easy to handle with. But the thing I've disliked is it's price ,it's too high for such a program.