Spyware Doctor Review

Slow and glitchy, but effective

Submitted by godisstevejobs on Sun, 2008-10-19 21:59.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Does a great scan, and informs you where the infection way found. This information can be used to adjust your firewall to safeguard your machine from future attacks.
Does not adjusts its memory, and processor usage to allow you to work on your computer while a scan is in progress.

Spyware Doctor runs anything but smoothly while conducting a scan. Even a "quick scan" of a 20 gig hard drive seems to take forever. With all of the memory, and processor Spyware Doctor requires for use, I expected a better, quicker product. Instead, I am left with scanning software that will bog down the quickest of computers with it's memory usage, and not just for a short time.

The program does however, do a great job of ridding a machine of infections. I also enjoy the fact that it informs me of where it is looking, or found infections; such as in my registry files. If you change window (ie check your email) though, it will take several moments for the Spyware Doctor window to show back up fully. This is once again due to the memory usage of the program. Other scanners will work around your tasks and adjust system memory and processor usage of the scanner. For having to pay to use this program, I expected this feature. I looked for ways within the program to adjust these settings, but I was unable to find anything.

Overall, I would say that Spyware Doctor is an alright program if you have a problem that wont go away. If you want to know where you are being attacked by spyware and adaware (ie Registry key files, Cookies, ect) so that you can adjust your firewall settings, I would recommend this. You can do a free scan to find that information though. I would spend my money elsewhere otherwise.


If you want to know how that infection slipped though, or you have a sticky problem that wont go away, then this may end up being a good investment. Otherwise, I would spend my money elsewhere.