Label Wizard Review

Easy to use. Some features confusing.

Submitted by jcollier on Mon, 2008-10-20 19:24.
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Nice graphical interface. Easy to use. Buttons are big and easy to read. It's nice to be able to disable some labels so that they don't print.
No Barcode built in. No data import. The buttons on the Label Size Configuration and the Label Sheet Size (>>) behave strangely. I don't like the bar that pops up when you click those buttons since you have to hold the mouse down or the bar goes away. There should be a way to put in an Avery Label number and have the software automatically configure the label size and sheet size.

The software overall is easy to use. The Setup Label Wizard is pretty self-explanatory for almost any user. The main screen that pops up is easy to read and explains what to do nicely (which isn't much, but that's fine since the intended use of the software is very specific).

Two things that would have prevented me from using this at my previous job are the lack of built in barcode printing and no ability to use an external data file.

You can add a barcode font to your computer but I know from experience that most barcode fonts are no good.

It also could use a way to set the label size automatically based on Avery Label numbers.


The software is probably adequate for most home users. If you just want to print labels for invitations or other mailings then it will probably suffice. If you are more of a hard core user, as I was in my previous life, it is lacking some obvious features that would make this offering more time than it's worth.