AccuChef Review

Organized heaven

Submitted by cleigh on Sun, 2006-10-15 23:46.
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Easy enough to use, Adjustable servings, emailing recipes.
Small buttons/icons

I bought AccuChef for my mother, and it's been great. Toss all those big cook books that take up too much space, and get this software. If the recipe isn't in the database that comes with the applicaion, you can add your own with ease.

Recipe that you have not enough to feed the guests you have coming over? Just tell the applicaion how many people it needs to serve, and it adjusts the recipe for you. Unsure what the recipe's name was? Type in a few of the ingredients, and it'll show all recipe's that have that ingredient in it.

The menus in the applicaion aren't easy to get used to. Buttons/Icons are small, and not adjustable. Semi-resource hungry.


Much better than having a ton of huge cookbooks around. Fairly easy to use.