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Not the new wave of audio recording

Submitted by Slim on Thu, 2008-10-30 15:19.
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The main thing that allowed me to tolerate Ngwave was the Full crash recovery system that allowed me to recover my current work after it crashed,without having to remember to save it sometime during my session; due to the constant worry of a system crash. Unlike other audio editing software programs I have used, Ngwave has unlimited undo/redo. Built-in mixer for adding special effects and adjusting inputs Can be easily mastered and understood without having a tutorial (unless you are illiterate when it comes to audio recording!) Fully Vista capatible
Cons: When using Ngwave I encountered one issue that as an audio engineer bothered me more than anything. Ngwave isn't capable of handling multi-tracking. Definitely not worth spending almost $30.00 for.

During my time of being an Audio engineer, I learned alot of different things when it came to recording on different types of software. The number one rule that we all should follow is,Pick a software that will cater to YOUR needs.
If you are just starting out in Audio engineering then Ngwave should be a software you should throw on your list of "to-do's." Now I'm not saying that it's the greatest software in the world to learn on, I would be lying if I allowed myself to even utter those words. But I will say that Ngwave helps you get a clear understanding of the basics.What are the basics? It's actually as simple as it sounds; Ngwave introduces you to basic recording. If you have ever used a tape recorder then using Ngwave is a breeze.

Since I'm not a novice, using Ngwave was actually Insulting to me. Even at the beginning when I was testing the waters and learning the basics myself, I was befuddled at the fact that the software was so simple, a child could use it. Alot of my co-students would ask for a tutorial of some kind as if Ngwave was written in a different language. Experimenting on Ngwave is a cinch only because there aren't that many features involved.

I think the intergrated metronome was the only thing that put a smile on my face, the idea that is. Because honestly the intergrated metronome didn't come with much. It had a few tempos and output samples that were usuable but at the same time I Would have thrown more than half of them out the window.But for the folks who just need a couple of samples to get by,Ngwave might do the trick.

Oh and lets not forget the "Full crash recovery system." The last version of Ngwave didn't have this and from my understanding alot of other audio recording software has this feature and most if not all are FREE! (not trying to be whimsical in any way) just stating the facts. The full crash recovery system does the exact same thing as other software programs do. It recovers your previously saved work. So if you are in the middle of editing a file and you hadn't saved that current edit and the system crashes, then the work you last saved will be what gets recovered.So my adivse to any Ngwave user would be, with every new step you take, save before taking the next one.

Ngwaves built-in mixer was "ok," It allows you to adjust your input levels for the sound card currently in use. But like I say to all of my fellow recorders, if your sound card sucks then it won't matter what type of built-in mixer you use, even with the distortion processor. Ngwave allows you to mix down your recording with just a few processors,which are Reverb and full echo.Hope you didn't think you were about to get a handful of mixing tools. Let's remember it's an editor not a full blown studio.

Personally Ngwave is a amatuer recording software like any other editing software that grants you the ability to record sound and put a little creativity on it.If you ever dealt with WYSIWYG website builders then Ngwave is just the same, No need for a tutorial when all you have to do is experiment a few times to see what does what and you'll be more than capable of utilizing all the tools that it offers. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who is trying to put a rock band together and record a project, due to the fact that it's not a multi-tracker. Don't get me wrong, you can attempt to multi-track on Ngwave but don't expect anything spectacular to come about I;Definately expect a few complications.Ngwave is more for the Youtube junkies who are addicted to re-creating sound files. Expecting anything more than that would be like buying a fish and expecting it to fly.


Ngwave is a good software for the amatuer looking to learn something new in the world of audio recording and boring for the already established.