Cute Reminder Review

Your Are Soooo Cute

Submitted by David on Sat, 2005-12-24 13:06.
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Cute Reminder is a convenient way tojot down notes and manage your personal information without any hassles.
Cons. If you aren't going to buy the software, the nagscreens will drive you nag. Although that might be just a strategy to increase sales, this is really maddening.

With Cute Reminder you can create desktop notes, set up non-annoying reminders, and manage ideas quickly and easily with just one or two mouse clicks. Cute Reminder is a true officeware, although busy individuals working from home and stay at home moms (and dads) are likely to enjoy Cute Reminder as well.

A 30-day free trial ensures that you have plenty of time to check it out before plunking down any hard-earned money. Money's always tight. Now, a few words about features. Cute Reminder is so cute and user-friendly that it will not distract you even when reminding you. It will place a clearly visible reminder on the right side of your screen without interrupting your current work. Desktop notes CuteReminder creates are exactly like the real ones.

You can customize, group and arrange them on your desktop effortlessly. There are advanced reminders available as well. Namely, you can set up recurring reminders on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis to achieve control over birthdays, anniversaries and annual events. Another cool thing - it automatically tracks the related events within the archive, so you can see the individual history of any specific issue. Making a reminder or taking a note takes just seconds.


Cute Reminder is one of those clever, yet carefully thought out programs that comes out once in a great while. I like its ease-of-use and the options it provides. It stays out of the way and is there when you need it and I like that a lot.