InAlbum Deluxe Review

Fun for beginners

Submitted by jye999 on Mon, 2006-10-16 05:12.
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Pretty looking user interface. Easy to use. Multiple ways to store your slide shows.
It is not meant for professionals.

InAlbum Deluxe has very nice looking interface is my first impression. The software is easy to install. It lets you easily import your pictures (limited to 5 for trial version).

You can do some basic editing to the pictures (adding caption, changing brightness, contrast), and also apply effects to the pictures. There are a number of show templates for you to use.

There are also a list of decoration for you to pick to add on your show. At last you can pick your show music background (either from the software or your own mp3) After creating the show, within the program itself, you can send the show to other people by email ( account is required), or upload to the web(to your Inalbum account or your person FTP).

You can also save it as HTML(it is actually HTML with Flash), make a interactive CD/DVD or even movies. While you publish your show, InAlbum Deluxe will compress your pictures and mp3 to save some space in your hard disk.


It's good piece of software to create slide shows for friends and family, even for school projects.