Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor Review

A so-so program

Submitted by yangpeidong on Fri, 2008-11-21 03:43.
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The lowest price: 23.36$
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Teaches you how to type. Great analysis of typing.
Sometimes bad programming (ie extra space makes everything wrong).

I think this program is a bit below average.

As an avid typer, I decided to go straight for the expert test. The test, which was quite boring, actually produced some interesting results.

I got my son to play the beginner level. He is a very bad typer. It was interesting for the first 30 minutes, although it got quite boring.

In my opinion, the major bug in this program is that when you type an EXTRA spacebar, it will say the rest of your things you typed are all wrong unless you go back to erase the characters.

It is also quite unentertaining. If I were the programmer, I would offer 3-4 sets of text. Some, which would be funny. This way, I'd be able to play this game for fun, rather than for boredom.

To be honest, I don't believe this program is worth the money. Although I do find the program pretty interesting.

My son uses old (5+ years old) programs that aren't as good as this. However, the improvement for 5-years is quite pathetic considering how much other games have advanced.

The user interface is rather cool. They did a good job on it.


It's a pretty good program if you're learning about typing. However, this is a beginner-only program. Not too shabby, but not worth the $20 or so bucks.