DietMP3 Review

An Avarage Song Compressor

Submitted by GihanL on Sun, 2008-11-23 16:20.
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installation file is very small in size Quick Installation Help file comes with is very good
Not many types of formats supported ( currently only the .mp3 for is supported) The specific bit rate for output mp3 cannot be specified

Diet mp3 is a very small software that can be used by music lovers to compress their songs to the commnly used .mp3 format from
audio cds, .WAV format or .WMV. Using this software user can bring down the size of the audio so overall it can reduce the hard drive space greatly.

Diet mp3 has the capability of dragging and dropping the desired music that need converting to " Media Diet list " from the " Folder Explorer " this dragging feature is avilable in all the other common
audio encoding softwares. The compresion can be started when "start Diet" button clicked.

The audio compression configure settings contains a nice GUI. In fact the this user interface can be used even by a seven year old child. this can be accessed by clicking " options"

The "compression settings" ( ie. options) shows the following

1) Select Potable player type

MP3 Portable Player
Palm PDA
Pockt PC
mobile Phone
Other Mp3 device

2) select Output quality

CD Quality (The highest quality )
FM Radio Quality
Tape Quality
Telephone quality (The Lowest quality )

3) Select effect

Stereo (Both audio channels)
Mono (single audio channel)

4) Output File format
currently only avilbale is mp3 format


I would recommend for Diet mp3 for the newbies but this is no where near for an advanced user