Note Pager Pro Review

Powerful Paging Program

Submitted by jama211 on Mon, 2008-11-24 15:39.
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Very powerful compatability
Setup wizard hard to understand
Review:This is a program built for a purpose. It is designed for the business user that requires the ability to page or text-message large groups of people from behind his computer. It is easy to install, however when greeted with the setup wizard it does not include enough information to guide an unexperienced user through the setup procedure, and needs to explain what a protocol is, and how to obtain information about which protocols their provider supports. So for the business user, in essence, it acheives its purpose, although with some minor drawbacks, including the difficult graphical user interface and setup wizard. However, useful features include the ability to shedule messages for the future, programmable buttons and the ability to resend a message at a given time interval, until a perscribed stopping time.

Perfect for the business user demographic it aims for, the perfect tool for the person searching for a program to do this purpose, however only set up when you have the know how.