MP3 Doctor Pro Review

Effective and powerful, but limited by interface.

Submitted by Spencer on Wed, 2008-11-26 07:13.
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Very powerful at managing libraries of MP3s, and good functionality on individual track editing. Good dynamic settings.
Difficult to learn; virtually no guidance on how settings are applied or files exported. Arrangement of settings makes no sense.
Review:It is important to establish that the audience of this product is not the same as other enthusiast-grade software such as Audacity. The intent behind Mp3Doctor, as my own experience with the program would suggest, is to provide a basic interface for music lovers at the average consumer level of technical knowledge while still providing a powerful means to manage their entire music library. The tools to meet that end are very sufficient; dynamic tempo, pitch, and equalizer settings are fantastic. The designers highlighted the most important features to be included with mp3 editing software and integrated them well. I find them to be much more user-friendly than my experience with Audacity, where the entire track must have the change applied first (which usually takes a minute or so depending on system specs). The dynamic pitch, dynamics, and obviously equalizer controls are invaluable and should be included in all software of this genre. The normalization functions are actually *very* useful. The idea behind it is solid, and its implementation is flawless. Improving the sound quality and consistency of an entire library is definitely a needed function, and the program does an admirable job in that role. However, it is severely crippled by its poor user-interface. The encoding, sampling, and general settings tabs are used to divide up unexplained functions in an illogical manner, which although may come naturally to an experienced computer user, would easily scare off a large part of the demand base for this product. The program is also devoid of any instructions or help windows to introduce new users to the product, furthering the problem. It just seems to me that once the basic functionality of the program was complete, corners were cut on the interface. This program is the first I have ever used which is an effective library editor/repairer on both the micro and macro scale of a music collection, but the interface needs to be completely reworked to meet the demand of its consumers. How about scrapping the two other option tabs and putting them as options in the File menu?

If you have a library inconsistent in sound quality, volume, or with snippets at the beginning, this product may be for you. You must be able to learn quickly.