Outpost Firewall Pro Review

Mixed feelings

Submitted by mat_reviewer on Fri, 2008-11-28 10:35.
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The lowest price: 35.96$
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Reliable,fast,free trial,good documentation,Outstanding for a firewall !
NO VIRUS PROTECTION ! slow on some systems.average threat heuristic.Comodo software is a promising free alternative.

Having scored the highest rating in Matousec's firewall challenge,outpost firewall pro offers excellent protection against intrusions and sensitive data leakages (passwords,credit card numbers,chat logs...).

For those concerned about their privacy,outpost addresses this issue.In fact,not only does it refrain access to potentially dangerous sites,it also removes ads and useless pictures from websites for faster web browsing,and deny the execution of unsafe scripts,codes and spywares.

What is more it can boast itself about an attractive GUI,which permits users to monitor all activities underway.

No worry about configuration settings as outpost firewall pro automatically adjusts itself to changing variables of your system and virtual environment while learning from past events.

One important drawback however is that it offers no protection against virus as opposed to outpost internet security suite and can consume quite a lot of your ram while undertaking some processes.

Nevertheless,an extensive documentation and active forum will help you to solve the problems that you may encounter while using this software.

Last but not least least,it offers an "entertainment mode":all alerts are handled in the background while you are playing,without threatening your system's security.Suddenly feeling insecure while using the internet,you can block all connections to and from your computer with two simple clicks.

It is an attractive package but suffers from acute competition from free alternatives !


More emphasis should be laid on anticipating customers' needs rather than just satisfying them!