DVDFab Platinum Review

DVDFab Platinum Pretty Fab

Submitted by kerlins on Mon, 2006-10-16 06:58.
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The lowest price: 53.95$
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Works Great with Scratched Disc
Interface looks pretty bad. Almost no documenation

There are many software packages to copy dvds, however, if you have a few DVDs that are slightly damaged and unreadable by other software, DVDFab will be a lifesaver and well worth the price. During test it could reliably copy any DVD I threw at it regardless of condition or amount of scratches it had.
(5 is great, 1 is pretty bad)
Features : 5/5
DVDFab has all of the expected features that most other DVD copying packages have.
Usability : 3/5
There are two modes, express and gold. There isn’t a clear distinction of the differences and why to use one over the other.
Interface : 3/5
Many unpolished places with the interface. Very pixilated buttons, etc. It does get the job done, but there are some quirky behaviors (when selecting subtitles and audio tracks), and the stark contrast between the interface in the two modes is sometimes confusing.
Intuitiveness : 4/5
E though the interface is a little clumsy, DVDFab is quite intuitive. It's simple to create a DVD without reading any of the documentation.
Documentation : 2/5
Documentation in DVDFab stinks. A Web page that runs through the major functions, but there's no context Help and documentation on some of the more advanced options is poor.
Price vs. Value Ratio : 5/5
I rated the value/price quotient of DVDFab high even though there are other applications available that do the same thing at no cost. The reason is two of my family DVDs were flatly rejected by every copying application except for DVDFab.
Overall : 4/5
Mostly reliable during testing. It does what it does well. Better polish on the interface and a combined user-interface with advanced panel or some other method of combining the Express Mode/Gold Mode. That one change would go a long way towards making DVDFab an easy 5. I'm confident that you will find it a capable tool for saving a ton of money which would otherwise be spent replacing damaged DVDs.


Mostly reliable during testing. It does what it does well.