NewsAloud Review

Lazy Reading the News?

Submitted by bluebat168 on Fri, 2008-12-12 07:24.
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Extremely easy to use. Practical for sight-challenged individuals.
Very limited news source.

Although this software was designed to target news readers, it is a big plus how it can help uninterested people be updated about what's happening around the world. Some quick clicks and you're ready to know if the world is already under attack!

It is fascinating though how the speaker can read monetary denominations accurately but can not read acronyms properly. Of course you can always set specific acronyms to be defined and read properly, but doing so would also mean that you must read the news print to understand what the letters are. Sadly, you're back to reading.

The interface couldn't be simpler, that maybe is just how some serious news junkie wants it, but adding a little more life to it won't hurt anyone. The only real downside to it is the news source. Though Reuters is in the list, only Yahoo-AP as a source can be retrieved.


Highly recommended for people who have reasonable excuse not to read. Not a perfect program but decent nonetheless. You'll definitely find a reason or two to want this.