Flash Catcher Review

Not too Flashy and Gets the Job Done

Submitted by trulyshyazn on Mon, 2006-10-16 11:40.
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Easy to install. One click downloads and fairly easy to use.
Only integrated with Internet Explorer, big clunky button on tool bar that is sometimes unaccessible in toolbarless pages.

Are you a web designer with an avid interest in flash and animation?
Looking for a good swf downloading tool?

Flash Catcher is a software to help you to easily download swf files from web pages onto your computer.

Upon installation, you have the option of opening a help file that explains the details of the program. Honestly I was disappointed at the lack of support and visual directions that could have been shown by a simple web page or picture. I ended up just opening up my Internet Explorer and finding there to be a big button on top next to my toolbars.

The program is simply a button placed on the top toolbar of the browser. You simply press the button and a window appears showing the various flash animations on the page that you can download to a location you specify on the computer. A few things made this program lower on my usability scale:
- I was disappointed to find out this was only compatible with Internet Explorer and not Firefox.
- It was fairly easy to use, but sometimes it missed small embedded animations.
- The button was in the top toolbar, so pages without top toolbars were unable to save flash animations (such as popups). It would be better if the button was placed on the bottom status bar instead.


Flash Catcher is a fairly easy to use and integrated flash downloader but is clunky and lacking in browser support. I'd recommend finding other flash downloading software.