Flash Catcher Review

Good for starters, otherwise null and void.

Submitted by Aahzmandeus on Mon, 2006-10-16 16:59.
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The lowest price: 22.45$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Very easy installation, Does the job, occupies very little HDD space.
Terrible integration within IE, No support for other browsers, High price for the value.

Flash catcher is a little program that helps you save any and all flash animations you find on the web. The progam installs itself very quickly and offers you to read a very small and rather uninformative help file after the installation. Oddly enough ,the help file doesn't even list Microsoft's IE as being the only browser it works with. Very odd, as many, many internet users sport Firefox or Opera nowadays.

Once installed, the program imbeds itself on the IE toolbar as a rather big, not-so-pretty icon that reads: " flash catcher ". If you click it, you will be greeted with a nice interface menu, where you can work with any flash files the program finds on the webpage you're currently visiting. It's as simple as selecting the flash movie and clicking on the "save" button.

This is pretty much what the program does. Sure enough, it does what it promises, but it definetely lacks web 2.0 style, has extremely poor integration, and is rather overpriced for what it offers.


Flash catcher does the job of saving flash animation, but in a style that is reminescent of the 1995 era.