123 LogAnalyzer Review

Amazing, but has its weaknesses

Submitted by subrat on Tue, 2008-12-16 05:40.
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Good tool to quickly and painlessly analyze Web server access logs.
Crashes in certain scenarios, especially with Vista.

First off, this is a pretty amazing tool. It does whatever it says it does in the description, but it does have some weaknesses which will be my main focus.

For me, I reviewed the system under Windows Vista, and I caught two things immediately:

1. It is not capable of loading log files that are in use. For me, i used it to read access.log for Apache in Windows, and since it was in use by Apache, it could not read it. I had to switch Apache off. But again, this is not much of a problem, IF the error message was friendly. But it did NOT say "log file in use", it simply said it could not open, or would simple crash!

2. This product is not Vista ready. The user needs to manually run the application as "Administrator" and moreover, change the location of the output directory out of "Program Files" for the application to be able to write the HTML output. Which might be a bit annoying in the beginning.

Don't get me wrong but, besides these annoying issues, the software is flawless in functioning. It gives me a great perspective as a system admin to analyze my visitors, and look for suspicious activity if need be. The report it gives out is awesome, with all sorts of charts from daily activity to MARKETING performance report to geographic reporting. Its there!


It is a great tool to analyze logs - quickly, easily and painlessly. I'd suggest it to any web admin any day!