ChoiceMail One Review

Buy it only if you hate the slightest sight of spam.

Submitted by sahusam16 on Mon, 2008-12-22 03:47.
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Time Saver. You can set it up with your own rules.
Doesn't quite work on all webmails.
Review:Things I absolutely ADORE that ChoiceMail offers: -> Security and peace of mind that I will not wake up the next day morning and have to deal with a bunch of spam that might usually pass through otherwise. A definite time saver. -> Besides the certain guidelines that are already built in, I was able to make up my own set of rules and regulations that I desired. Best feature so far! Things I think are just OK: -> Some sort of verification form is sent to the sender if they are not found in your address book. If at all the dispatcher does NOT respond you are pretty much doomed. The email will be deleted. So I usually get newsletters from a charity organization that doesn’t respond to emails. They were deleted. I applied for a job online and they sent a thank you letter that cannot be responded to, it was deleted too. Depending upon the person using, this could be an efficient of deterring feature. Things I do NOT like about the product: -> It was easier to use it on some webmail addresses than others. It did not work properly on my hotmail account and continually kept giving a message that it was apparently “disabled.” It was pretty annoying. But it worked fine on my .edu webmail. So I don’t think it is compatible with all the webmails. -> The program overall seemed to be a bit slow. Not just that, you can’t really use the regular minimize, maximize or close icons on the top right corner. You HAVE to right click on the task bar and then choose ‘close’ in order to exit. So that is that

Overall a good product. I would give it a rating of 7 out of 10. With a few more improvements, it would be an amazing product.