Site Spinner V2 Review

Simply spin your website

Submitted by manikumudha on Mon, 2008-12-22 20:47.
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A wonderful web tool for the newbies as well as to the experts
A little application of mind to understand the features

Simply spin your site.It is everyone's dream to have an attractive website to enchant viewers.Look and feel is the mantra.You don’t need to be pro to use this software to insert all the advanced features.You can simply drag and drop any image or object.
Add to that is an image editor to allow you to edit images to your taste and also you can create wonderful graphics.

Use your mouse to place the objects and there you are.Leave the worry of centering your objects as this software automatically adjusts the proportionate scale. For changing the font, size and color use the text editor which is spell check enabled and you can add links too.. There are 30 templates to allow you to design your own buttons, banners, and even logos of your choice. ..

The delight for the profeesional is that he/she can insert HTML and Javascript code.
Organizing your text content.images, or any object can easily be dragged into position, and you can set them to your likes by setting thetable's properties .

Once everything is done in a proffessional way,File tranfer procol(FTP) is inbuilt to enable you directly publish in your website in no time. for uploading it to your webhost - FTP allows you to publish without any hassles. Need we to say anymore to use this wonderful userfrindly web tool


Overall the software is worth every penny