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site spinner V2

Submitted by rahuliscool1 on Thu, 2008-12-25 16:20.
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SiteSpinner is a user-friendly web site development tool that includes many advanced features such as drag-and-drop positioning, built in FTP to publish directly to your web site, an image editor and graphics creation all in one.

With SiteSpinner, objects can be placed wherever you want them with your mouse. Not only that, you can place objects so they are always centered, or automatically scale to fit your visitors browser.

The Text Editor works like a word processor, allowing you to change font, size and color. Add links and spell-check your work. Add titles and you have a professional page.

The drag-and-drop Table Editor lets you quickly organize your information. Text, pictures, or any object can easily be dragged into position, and your table's properties can be set the way you want them.

When you've finished your web site, you will need to upload it to your webhost - SiteSpinner makes it easy with its built-in Publisher. What's more, the Publisher can automatically gather-up all your images for you.


i say accoding to the review given as copied and paste from original is too costy and is a riskware as well as malware. i have tried it my self and it crashed my hard disk