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Create a HUGE webpage easily!

Submitted by nurhanisah89 on Sun, 2008-12-28 05:44.
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Simple & easy, Neat layout, Checks for errors, Remove redundant codes, Provides error free code, Easily preview without having to toggle in between screens, Auto complete code as I type, Root folder
Does not recognise errors as I type (I would need to click on Tidy to find out the errors), Only HTML and CSS files(no PHP)

When I first run this software, there would be a start-up screen to allow you to configure the settings on the layout of the software (which features to show). It is very simple and easy to follow steps that does not make me feel confused.

What I really like about this is that when I first create a new HTML document, they prepared the skeleton of the code. Also, previewing my code is really easy. Unlike dreamweaver, I will normally have to wait to preview it on a browser. However for this, I just need to click on a refresh button and there would be a preview on the bottom of it. It is so much easier as I do not have to toggle between tabs to see my code and the preview at the same time.

Also they have a sort of auto complete code done which means when I wanted to type a list would appear beside it as I type and I can simply select from the available options.

However, on thing I hate about this is that it does not seem to recognise any errors as I type. In order to find the errors, I would need to click on the Tidy button in which they would tell what are the errors found and at which line of the code.

The best part in this however, is that after doing the tidy, I can click on the Tidy tab on the bottom and they actually create a clean code for me in which all the errors found are removed. All I had to do was to click on "Copy to active editor" button and the clean code would be placed on the code that I am currently working on. In fact, redundant codes are removed too. For example, in my case, I placed

tags with nothing in between. In actuialy fact, it doesn't make any difference however this tags would take up space. With the tidy feature, these unused
tags are being removed.

Help is easily available too such as a CSS reference in which developers often refers to when developing a webpage.

Another very useful and important feature in which professional always use and need is the root folder feature. Normally, the different pages and images are all linked together in one folder and this program provides an opportunity to do that.


In conclusion this is very simple and easy to use. Without reading the Help, I can already know and understand how to use this software! It provides help, check for errors and provide a clean error free code for you! This program is definitely worth it!