O&O Defrag Professional Review

O&O Defrag: Overpriced for what it does

Submitted by wchill on Wed, 2008-12-31 11:00.
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The lowest price: 40.46$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
-Plethora of different defragmentation methods -Improves slightly on standard features of common defragmenters
-Pricey compared to other defragmenters on the market -Doesn't integrate into Windows shell

I've had O&O Defrag for quite a while, along with Raxco's PerfectDisk and Diskeeper's defrag software. I must admit, PerfectDisk and Diskeeper do the job as well as, if not better than, O&O. O&O Defrag does have some interesting features, but I believe it is not worth it to pay the extra cash compared to Diskeeper's $29.95 price tag. Also, since Diskeeper Corp. is the company who wrote the default Windows defragmenter, their product integrates perfectly into Windows - another advantage over O&O. Overall, O&O is a good product but it is pretty pricey for a defragmenter.


I would buy it only if you want 100% performance out of your Windows PC (perhaps in conjunction with other defragmenters) and don't mind paying a bit more.