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DVDFab: The only way to go

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Price - But limited freeware version is available.

I have been using DVDFab for nearly two years now, since they were back in version 3.0.1, and along the way have tried using other alternatives only to find that none can hold a candle to DVDFab.

Long ago I was one of those who used Gordian Knot ripping and .AVI conversions, only to then burn to VCD and be infinitely frustrated that only one DVD burners at a reasonable price. About the time that we could get our hands on a burner that handled DVD media, a program called dvd decrypter popped up, and made all of our lives just a little bit easier, by allowing us a direct rip of disks to .ISO files. Then other companies threw in their attempts; DVDshrink, Anydvd, I remember using all of them. It wasn't until I stumbled across DVDFab that I found just how easy dvd ripping and conversion could be.

DVDFab leaves virtually no work to the user, providing an all-in-one solution for just about anything you would ever want to do with a DVD (or now Blu-ray disk). DVDFab, in one click, will rip, decrypt, shrink, and burn any DVD or Blu-ray movie. Unlike competitor companies, the team at DVDFab makes sure that they update their program regularly, so that regardless what protections film studios place on their disks, you can create your personal backups without a hitch.

It takes about 30 minutes per feature-length film on a good computer, so it is much faster than any other program I have used. And, as if that wasn't enough, I can also say that I personally have never run into a film that I couldn't back up quickly and easily using DVDFab, and that says alot from a man who has over 650 films, owned and backed up onto dvd-r disks.

My personal favorite thing about this program is the direct dupe feature which will automatically decrypt and compress a movie from DVD-9 to DVD-5 and burn on another drive. This saves you money, since DVD-5's are much cheaper, and the quality loss is barely noticeable to the average eye.

But wait there's more! Also included in the DVDFab package is the ability to encode from DVD/Blu-ray into MPEG-4 and/or MPEG-2 formats allowing you to play your movies on your PSP, IPOD, or other device.

So, if you want the most powerful, versatile, customizable backups of your movies, whether they are home-made or retail films, don't go with some (possibly cheaper) off-name DVD program, after all, you will get what you pay for. I highly recommend DVDFab Platinum as your one choice do-everything-regarding-dvds-and-movies-in-general program.

You won't be disappointed.


Don't use anything else. DVDFab is the best, hands down.