Cryptainer Review

How Secure is Secure

Submitted by jal2323 on Tue, 2009-01-06 08:41.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Excellent protection provider, easy to handle, and unquestionably safe if your were to have and doubt about it
Quite pricey for a software which basically keeps your data safe, people these days just love bundled software.

Well, with a 448-bit protection, this software will clearly keep the bad guys out to say the least, but really,what it basically does here is actually put out of sight what you don't want others to see, and what they can't see, they won't want(so we hope). Its a relatively simple concept and besides, in not hard to use at all, but just like everything else, you need to read up the guidelines( that's what they are there, to "GUIDE" you, and not for decorative purposes, just in case your dad misinformed your previously). Access to your files is just the same as on your regular drives, no ingenious thinking required.

Of course the free version comes with certain limitations like 20Mb containers,but then again there is no such thing as a free lunch so do the tasting and see if it works for you.In my opinion, it has no flaws, doesn't take much at all to know how to use and is a fairly straight forward tool with a pretty straight forward purpose.

Maybe down the line, something more interesting with a funkier interface, more security options and with a file shrinking capability would be created(and i humbly await that day), but till that day comes, if security is your main priory here, then the Cryptainer would certainly be viable and sensible option to pursue.


If your think that being sorry is to big a risk to take, then just get it and be safe!!