HDD Regenarator Review

Great Program but only if you have the time

Submitted by poopdedoop on Tue, 2006-10-17 00:09.
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The lowest price: 53.95$
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Simple to use. Very effective.
Kind of expensive for a home user. Takes a very long time.

I stumbled upon HDD Re generator one day while looking for a program to repair sectors on my Hard Drive. I was skeptical about this at first but I was in dire need of having my HDD repaired. I went ahead and got this program. At first glance it didn't seem like much. The Windows GUI doesn't offer much (create a boot disc or a boot CD) Now I wasn't expecting this to be run while in windows so I created a boot CD (a boot disc will run exactly the same)

I went ahead and rebooted my PC with the CD in the drive

*Note* You need to make sure that whichever drive you are booting from (CD-ROM, Floppy) has boot priority over the Hard Drive

Right away the DOS based program started. I was given the option to scan my hard drive or to continue booting. Once you choose to scan your HDD for bad sectors you are asked which drive you would like to scan (if you have more then one a list of drives will show up) Once you select the drive there is one more thing for the user to do. You must select where you want to start scanning. Now for most people they will not know what part of the drive will have errors so it's best to just hit Enter and start the scan. If you want to start scanning further in on the disc you can enter the sector number or the number of Megabytes in you wish to start (example: If you wish to skip scanning the first 1GB you would type in 1024MB)

Now this is when you need to wait. This scan can take minutes to hours depending on your hard drive size. If you are scanning a drive that is less then 1GB expect this scan to take between 30min to an hour. Now for most people these days who have upwards of 100GB hard drives this scan will take an extremely long time. To scan my 200GB hard drive it took almost 27 hours.

During the scan there is a progress bar shown and the number of errors found will be shown as well. If there are any problems found you will be asked to repair them. Once the scan completes you will need to reboot your system back into windows.

This is a great program if you need to keep your system running properly. At $54 it is somewhat expensive but it is well worth it.


This is a very good program if you are willing to pay for it. If you own a business where you rely on your computers greatly and cannot risk loosing data this is a must.