Pretty Good MahJongg Review

Customizable but dull MahJongg

Submitted by bluedolphin on Thu, 2009-01-08 07:39.
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Large selection of layouts, customizable tiles and background, Good hints and options.
Poor game sounds, may be boring to some people

Installation for the game was fast and simple. The game has a huge selection of layouts available which would keep you occupied for a long time. If the layouts are still not sufficient for you, additional tiles and layouts could also be downloaded through the internet.

The good thing about the game is that you can customize the background and also change and download additional tile sets. There's also the player profile option so if you are sharing your computer with other people, your progress won't be affect if the other users play the game as well.

However, when I first played the game, looking at the tiles gave me a headache. I think its due to the dull color of the default setting. After unchecking the depth shading in the game option, I find it easier to look at the tiles. Besides, there is an option to change the tile size too if you find the tiles too small for your liking.

I find the hint very effective. You can just press Ctrl+H to find a pair of matched tile or select a tile and then press Ctrl+H to find a tile that match your selection.

The bad part of the game is that I find the game sounds too dull. There's only sound when you click on the tiles or matched the tiles. It would be much better with a background music in the game while playing.
Apart from that, I find the game too boring. There's nothing special to the game (Its just a regular MahJongg game), so it may get boring after a while. However, MahJongg fans may enjoy this game.


May be a good game for MahJongg fans.