Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor Review

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor: The Kids Will Love Typing!

Submitted by yen03 on Fri, 2009-01-16 08:28.
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a helpful tip "how to sit correctly when typing", it's easy to find the typing mistake, use encouraging words suggestion on how to correct a mistake, use a good education game (Brick Factory).
Icon doesn’t automatically appear on the desktop, use a violence game (Safari Park).

After installed the program, the icon should automatically appear on the desktop and Start Menu Program. For me, I can create the shortcut by myself but there are computer users that don’t know in which folder the program has been installed, so it would be difficult to find it.

In Ten Thumb program, the student will learn how to sit correctly when typing. It's a helpful tip because many students don’t know about it. My suggestion is, the description text should not in black because it's rather difficult to read it with the dark blue background color. I think the text should be in grey as the title or other bright color.

There is a beep when the student makes a mistake and the mistake will display in red, so it's easy to find it. There is also the encouraging words suggestion on how to correct the mistake. It's a good motivation for student.

After mastered a lesson, the student will be asked to learn a new key and given a report for her/his last lesson. The student can do an extra practice to improve his/her typing skill.

In Options menu, Space between Sentences section, I think the option "I want two spaces between sentences" is not necessary. As I know, people usually type "one space between sentences".

About the typing games, I like the Brick Factory, it's a good education game. I'm sure the kids will love it too! However, I rather dislike the Safari Park because when the students make a mistake then an animal will boom the boat. We must give a good education game for kids, not a violence one.


Overall, Ten Thumbs is a good fun typing tutor for kids. If you run a children computer course or a kindergarten teacher, you can consider buying it.