Puzzle Express Review

Great Reinvention of Tetris!

Submitted by kbrown174 on Sun, 2009-01-18 01:14.
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Educational and Challenging. Great Music. Attractive to the Eye. Beautiful Scenic Pictures!
Becomes pretty repetitive after about a half hour.

I love how educational and informative this game is. Example: Each time you come to a new place or new level, there is information about the history of that city.

The music is very entertaining and easily changed (except for on the instructions and tips screen. You can't change the music on that screen so the music is pretty repetitive). When changing the music to another song, it's a very smooth transition. The last song fades into the new song and does not just cut off the last song.

Also, the instructions for the Bomb Power-Ups are a little hard to understand. It would probably be helpful if you were able to see a demonstration of what the instructions say when you click on the picture.

The pictures are very beautiful and attractive to the eye! There are lots of colors in the program and the set-up is very easy to navigate.

The Help page is also very informative. It addresses any issues that you may have with this game so you are able to enjoy it more.


Very great version of Tetris! This game is probably more suitable for younger children instead of adults because it kind of loses your interest (if you're an adult) about 30 minutes into playing it. Very educational and fun for children though.