WebSmartz Professional Review

Simply Dreadful

Submitted by leyden on Sat, 2009-01-24 20:40.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Nice HUD to look at. Good first impressions. Easy to use.
Limited changeability. Freezes regularly. Unnecessary files created.

What was Netsamrtz thinking of when they made this? I have used flash applications before and though this may be the same but I was wrong. It was worse. For a first time flash user this may be slightly useful for the first 30 minutes but then they should move on because flash is so much better than this. A user can change very little in terms of design and if 20 people used this none of their designs would be original or differ from each other.

This is my opinion of the flash intro section because the site section is blocked in the sample and if I had paid for the full version to make an all rounded review i am sure i would be bitterly disappointed and get onto the company for a refund.

Another thing is that there is a set time that the animation will run for and if you want to get some information to a visitor then they will have to wait for ages to get the full story and I am sure they would have left by then. This is because there is limited space for text to be inputted.

I spent about 20 minutes on this application and, to tell the truth, I was bored after 5 minutes (this may be because I have had previous experiences with better flash programs).


What was Netsmartz thinking of when they made this? My first sentence in the main review and i think it just about sums it up. I can tell you what they were thinking of when they made this. They were thinking how can we make a terribly easy flash intro maker which offer littler things to change and make everything that is produced by it look very similar. Also the only reason i have put their help/support rating so high is because it was so simple i didn't need any help therefore their help and support must be very simple and easy to follow.