Dropheads Review

This is fun... or is it?

Submitted by Davide on Mon, 2009-01-26 15:05.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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Nice first impact, passable graphics
Horrible music, far too expensive, where is the originality?

This review must be truthful, so I'm going to tell you exactly what I think, without removing bad opinions about some characteristics of "Dropheads".

First of all, the lifetime of this game is really short: after the first impact, which is more or less acceptable, in two weeks' time you will be completely bored. There is not really an innovative series of missions and the difficulty of the gameplay doesn't change quite at all during the continuation of the story.

Secondly, the musics chosen are really unbearable, so you have to switch off your audio system after a while because you're getting really annoyed.

Thirdly, it's unbelievable that the price is so high; if you search the Net, you can find dozens of games like this (it's not very original...) absolutely free.

The only passable characteristic is the grapichal display, but besides this the whole game can't get a sufficient mark.


If you want to play a videogame like this, search the Net and you'll surely find something better and cheaper.