Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker Review

Great program, but how do you apply the label?

Submitted by djmoody on Mon, 2009-01-26 21:05.
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The lowest price: 19.75$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Very user friendly, easy to incorporate your own photos and artwork. Layout is a time saver.
No label applicator provided. Limited options in placing text on the labels. Can't preview before printing.

The Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker software is a pretty affordable labeling solution until you factor in that you will have to buy an applicator separately to actually put the labels on your cds. I found an applicator from Neato that was only 4.95 online. If you are a first time buyer of a label program (meaning that you don't already have a label applicator), you may not want to go through the hassle of purchasing the program and applicator separately.

Even if you had to buy the applicator separately I think the price for this program given its features is fair. Other programs such as CD Stomper and Neato charge up to $40 but do include the applicator. You could probably buy an applicator for use with this program from somewhere else and still come out under that amount.

The best feature this program offers for those on the go, or who simply want to add text to their covers is the ability it has to grab your cd titles directly from itunes or whatever program you use to make your playlist or create your burned cds with.

The ease of use this program gives you is priceless. Adding your photos or artwork to all of the different labels is a breeze, and it's very easy to edit your work before you go on to other steps such as adding text. Comes with a great selection of graphic templates for all types of occasions if you don't want to use your own as well.

Adding and making changes to your text is so easy to do as well. I was able to incorporate all of my own personal fonts, which makes it very professional, yet easier than using what would typically be called "professional grade" labeling software or something like Photoshop. The only gripe about the text is you can only place the text at certain angles meaning you don't have full control over how you lay the text on the labels. If you wanted to grab the text and move it to your liking, there is no function for that.

One more plus is that this label software is Lightscribe friendly, but I think that's pretty typical nowadays. Nothing gives you the impression of professional quite like having a cd with your art printed to the actual top of your cd.


Beyond not providing the necessary applicator to put labels on your cds once you print, ease of use and quality of the program are winners for amateurs and professionals alike.