Pretty Good MahJongg Review

Work Timekiller Mahjong

Submitted by Steve Richardson on Tue, 2009-01-27 17:24.
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335 different games, with detailed game rules for each. More options than you could ever use.
Bland but intimidating first screen. Lack of pop and sizzle graphics and sound that would make it stand out.

I found Pretty Good Mahjong to be just what it says: a pretty good collection (355 game types) of the various Mahjong games, from traditional tilematching to the various solitaire options like Klondike and Spider.

With that said though, it lacks the punch of 3D graphics and animation that would make it stand out and make me want to actually pay for it.

The initial screen is overly complex appearing, yet bland, like a windows folder. Once you actually get into the gameplay, it is fun and is perfect for work where it could be minimized in an instant when you need to appear to be doing something productive, without a lot of giveaway sound effects in the background.

I would have liked to see the Hint, Undo, and Multiple Undo as buttons on the toolbar, instead of in dropdown menus.

All in all a good game, with solid gameplay, in need of an appearance makeover.


A solid, thorough game, in need of an appearance makeover. A good game for work downtimes, with an enormous choice of variations.