Ace Utilities Review

Not a Bad Buy!

Submitted by hazards280 on Thu, 2009-01-29 03:21.
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The lowest price: 25.46$
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*Quick Scans *Great UI *Quick Start-Ups *Affordable Price
*First time operation could be sketchy *Does have so very good competition

Installing and Uninstalling programs simply slows down your computer, there is nothing you can do to stop it......Unless, You get Ace Utilities! This program has most if not all the options you could imagine. Some examples are a registry cleaner,"tracks" eraser, change auto-start programs and clean the hard drive. And that doesn't even cover the basics. This program is definitely "fully loaded".

1.) Installing

While installing the program I was not interrupted with any extras such as programs that are bundled with it that you have to install before you can install Ace Utilities itself. It was fairly quick so that shouldn't be a concern.

2.) First Time Use

While starting up the program my computer did become a little sketchy but, that can be understandable with a program such as this. It gives you many tabs on the left side with the type of operations it can do. I ran a "Clean System Registry" and about 3 minutes later I was confronted with 129 objects that could be fixed! After that I changed some of my Auto-Start programs and the next time I restarted my computer it was much quicker. Updates can be installed right through the program so not worries about going to their website to get a new version either. Overall it was not a bad first time experience, the UI (User Interface) is nice, not cluttered. A very minimalist design, all buttons are clearly labeled. And each scan is fairly quick.

3.) Second Use

The program overall seemed a little bit quicker than it was the first time I used it, so expect more stability within the program with use.


Ace Utilities is a great program for the price, looks like it would cost more than it does. Cleans just like it said. It could be a little slower on the first run than future uses but that can be understood. There is an option to try the program before you buy although most fixes wont be done until you buy it. Give it a try I believe you will like it just as much as I did.