Registry First Aid Review

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Submitted by otherman83 on Thu, 2009-01-29 14:48.
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The lowest price: 27$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Ease of use, quick repair and optimization.
For the price of $20-$30, better tools exist.

Registry First Aid has been around for a few years. While it, like most registry repair tools, expands its database of errors and repair functions, it neglects to dazzle.

The benefits are fair, however, as far as registry repairs go. You can expect increased response time because invalid entries are removed, and optimization has occurred. If used in combination with anti-virus and anti-spyware tools, Registry First Aid can aid the removal of malware traces.

As a preventative tool, little will be seen. Run this in co-op with defragmenting and temp/junk file removals to help keep your machine fairly stable. Prevent malware as well and you can normally expect to maintain your software until the end. Do not expect any major changes, though, unless you are recovering from a disaster.

As with any tool that changes registry entries or operating system files, be sure to backup. Manual backup of your registry and the know-how of reintroducing from backup are critical in case of a crash. Registry tools in general are fairly careful about how they handle more sensitive areas, but can still cause boot errors occasionally.

If you are looking for inexpensive software to complete your arsenal against software degredation, Registry First Aid is a decent choice. It is not the most powerful, but it is safe enough to try on a stable machine for preventative maintenace. If you are more tech savvy, better tools exist.


Try it, use it, and if you are new to registry tools pay for a license and use it as part of your monthly maintenance. If you are a more agressive user, better tools exist.