Registry Mechanic Review

Best Registry Repair, Ever!

Submitted by otherman83 on Thu, 2009-01-29 15:20.
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Easy to use, maximum repairs, minimum wait, support of a major company
Paying for maintenance software

Registry Mechanic is fantastic...

Registry issues exist because one set of data points to another set of data which either does not exist, is simply incorrect, or does something completely unexpected. PC's slow down and become unresponsive because multiple ideas attempt to load and function while primary systems are still loading. Sometimes your computer simply cannot handle the strain of everything loading at once or functioning in dynamic ways.

While other registry tools hint at features, Registry Mechanic lets you make realistic choices. You are able to choose the specific drives you suspect issues have occurred on and the level of scanning necessary. It is so easy to use, you can be scanning your system within a minute of download and be finished within three.

Custom Scan settings allows you to expand your search to three areas not already preselected and other hard disk drives as well. Expect to wait initially if you have never run Registry Mechanic before. Also available in Registry Mechanic is a tool for backing up your registry. You will need to know how to reintegrate the backup in case of a crash, but minor errors from repairs can be recovered from.

Did I mention the support? PCTools has been providing quality repair, maintenance, and preventative tools for a while and continues to expand its venue. Their support is quick, friendly, and helpful as a whole.

You can expect noticeable possitive change once you restart the first time you use Registry Mechanic. You can expect Registry Mechanic to compliment your anti-malware and preventative maintenance arsenals brilliantly. In other words, you should expect to be impressed to be impressed.


I have been using versions of this software for years and highly recommend its use. This is one of the only registry repair tools worth its price tag. Take my word for it, you will love and use it.