Replay Music Review

Replay Music, one of the Best.

Submitted by Goddord on Sat, 2009-01-31 13:05.
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The lowest price: 35.96$
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Very simple to use, little input or knowledge needed, organises every for you.
A bit expensive and at times can run slow when other programs are used.

I had previously seen and tried many programs to record audio streamed over the internet and the majority didn’t live up to the hype they stated on their websites. As I listen to music over the internet nearly every day I thought I would give Replay Music a try to see if I could finally find a useful program to record streamed audio.

I downloaded the newest demo version off their website and installed it on both my Vista and XP computers. The installation was quick and easy on both systems however the Vista installation did require a little more effort due to the enhanced security. Other than that the program operated as expected on both systems.

Replay Music was very simple to use. Recording songs was very easy, just play the song on the website and click “Start Recording” in Replay Music. Once the song is finished you can click “Stop Recording” or leave it to record further songs and use Replay Music to split the long music file into individual songs which is a simple process.

All the songs are stored in the folder you allocate during installation or through the settings so everything is easy to find. Once you are finished recording Replay Music can name all of the recorded songs for you with a high rate of success. Only 3 of the 25 songs I recorded could not be named correctly by the program.

The Replay Music also asks you whether you would like the songs to be automatically added to your iTunes or Windows Media Player library so there is no need to manually add them. Another nice feature is the program itself can burn the recorded songs to a CD so there is no need to go through another program to make an audio CD.

I did face a few problems when using Replay Music. At times the audio quality of the recordings was not the best, however this could be fixed by trying the recording again or using a different streaming source. Also I found the program did like to use a lot of my system’s resources which meant at times it could function slowly especially if you are using other resource intensive programs simultaneously.


Overall this is one of the best programs of its type available at the moment so it price is justified.