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Spyware Doctor

Submitted by ericcsonhung on Sat, 2009-01-31 15:56.
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User-friendly interface, good features, constant updates
Slow search, slows down computer, have to get the paid version...

Spyware doctor, software by PC Tools, is an award winning spyware detect-and-neutralize program. It is very efficient at finding large to medium size spyware, but fails to find the smaller and better hidden spyware.

Spyware doctor comes in two version, free and payed. Both versions comes with the basic function, scanning the computer, but it also includes the its own protection system (do not confuse this protection with that of an anti-virus. The difference between the free and the paid that the free version does not update its database as often as the paid version. The free version also does NOT remove the threats it has found, which means you will have to get the paid version to remove them.

Spyware doctor has a feature which is called IntelliGuard. While this process those provide some protection, it will slow down your computer even when it is not scanning for threats, so expect your computer to run even slower when it is scanning for threats. This is the reason why I decided to stop using Spyware Doctor.


You will have to get the paid version to be able to "enjoy" of Spyware Doctor fully. Do expect your computer to be slowed down, specially when IntelliGuard is on.