Dropheads Review

Dropheads or DropSmileys?

Submitted by nicola_juliano on Sun, 2009-02-01 17:29.
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Simplicity, good design, good quality of the images and colors used, easy to understand of How to. Neat. Good for starters.
Must have diagonal line to dissolve the 4 smileys and not just only horizontal, vertical. More functionalities must be added. More bonus games with different rules and types. Trial time is short.

Dropsmileys is the perfect title for this game. It uses different colors and different expressions of smileys. If Dropheads is the title, it must use different character heads that are familiar to the players. It is very nice if the characters of one of the highest rated films or tv series will be used as the 'heads' of this game. (ex. Lord of the Rings or Prison Break ). It is also good if the character heads are cartoonized and those heads are identified easily as one of the famous characters of a movie/tv series.

The game is easy to play and good for players who are computer starters. It is also good for people who loves simple and mind games.

As a Software QA Engineer, I have a list of comments and suggestions for this game:

1. Nickname and email address must be required. There must be a warning message and not able to proceed to the next page if there are missing data.
2. Icon in the title of the form (beside the 'DropHeads') must be a DropHeads icon. This image must be a smiley face DropHead (like the shortcut icon in the desktop) for identification.
3. How to Play Dropheads don't give a pain in a neck to understand. The explanations are precise and simple. Animations displayed in the page is very clear.
4. The mouse in the animations is good enough for clarifying the use of left and right clicks in the entire game.
5. It's better if the animation plays when the mouse hovers to it while the background music is on.
6. It's also better if there are sound effects while the animations plays. The volume of the background music must be lower so that the sound effects can be hear clearly.
7. In the next version of DropHeads, it is good if the smileys are more presentable like the smileys in Yahoo Messenger. There can be smileys having hats, flowers, ribbons, and etc. Or these personalized smileys have different roles in the game.
8. I like the error messages once the user have a mistake or error while playing the game.
9. I like the sound effects if the user clicks the smileys which are placed under the other smileys.
10. It's better to the game if same color smileys can be dissolved in diagonal. This will be more exciting to play.
11. I like the bonus game. It will give more urge to the player to have combos. But it is more ok if the bonus games are different types and have different kinds of styles, condition, setup and functions. The bonus game is good if there are many patterns to complete (but not so many).
12. It is cute if the water (at the right side) must have some little fish swimming in the background.
13. The 'Close' link in the error message is so small. Make it bigger for easily clicking
14. The flash is good. And the design is not cluttered.
15. There must be 'Help' in the Menu. The Help here must be seen in the game without going online in the world wide web.

The trial time is not enough to test and check the entire game. So I listed only 15 suggestions. It is advisable to give more trial time so that we, the QA people, can fully test this game.


It's better to release a newer version of the game. It must be more good than playing bejeweled and the historical game, tetris.