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Submitted by David on Mon, 2005-12-26 10:19.
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AccuChef offers a way to organize your recipe collection and comes with quite a few recipes that surprised me that I certainly will try.
The interface is really simplistic. Installation takes a long time and you see disclaimer windows something to the point that AccuChef shall not be liable for nutritional information. What’s up with that?

AccuChef comes with a lot of interesting recipes with intriguing names, like Trash Bag Taco Salad or Upsidedown Pizza. These are all available in the demo version, so you do not need to buy the software in order to see the recipes together with all ingredients and cooking directions.

If you are like me, you’ll just like the fact that AccuChef gives you access to thousands of recipes, a lot of which are highly original. I keep all my recipes in my head, but this program lets you enter your own recipes and categorize them by ingredients, food type, etc. Some cool features AccuChef comes with is an option to print the recipes on 3x5 or 6x6 cards, which certainly is handy.

Those “always on diet” organic foods freaks are sure to enjoy the nutritional calculator which tells you exactly how many calories you are taking in, although when you install the program, there is a disclaimer about Accu Chef not being liable for the accuracy of nutritional information.

You’ll also get carbs, proteins, fats (broke down by types) and even micro elements, like Manganese or Folate.

OK, on we go. All recipes are scalable, so you just have to enter a number of servings. If you live alone, enter 1. If you run a catering business, enter 100. The limit is 999.

Second, you can create a shopping list. If you enter the ingredient costs, the program will calculate the total. I don’t think I would use this feature every single day, but it’s probably good for Thanksgiving and other special occasions.

The program has a lot of functions, some of which I’d never use. For instance, an option to add images to recipes. While I like being able to see how the dish looks like while reading a new recipes, I would not bother about taking a picture of something I cooked and then uploading the image. Waste of time to me, but I guess some users requested the feature, otherwise it would not be there.


If you are reading this review, I would highly recommend you download the demo, otherwise you just wasted time reading this review. Try Dr. Bob’s pasta. I am not going to say “you absolutely have to buy this software” however. I am still undecided if AccuChef is worth twenty bucks or not, especially since all recipes are available for free.