PDFCamp Review

Not Worth Money and Need to fix some bugs for competition

Submitted by dpj1000 on Mon, 2009-02-09 06:19.
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The lowest price: 26.91$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Very easy to install and use and work quite well in both Vista and XP.It also gives very accurate results for text and word files.
Not enough competitive with other online writers. Not so good result with PPT and HTML. Not supportive with other online URL.A Littile high price.

PDFCamp is very easy to use and quickly convert all files into PDF.But Now I want to talk about its quality and Price.


- It converts small text files very easily into PDF with no errors.
- But It gives change in font and picture size & quality for PPT and HTML Particularity HTML has some bugs regarding font and letters and PPT has problem of change in picture size.
-It doesn't work well for other urls, It only works for PDFCamp URL.

Price :

First I thought for PDF Writer the price of 27 $ is too high ,but after seeing price of some other PDF writers like Acrobat Professional(9.99 $ per month), PDFSuite(29.99 &) and Cute PDF(49.99 $),PDFcamp has much lower price with almost same functionality. But I would Prefer free wares like PrimoPDF and OneNote which also easily convert word and Text files into PDF with no error.

Now I doubt its competitiveness in PDF writer market,because of its price and low marketing. People are only aware about Acrobat which is also at no. 1 place on Goggle. Moreover, PDFcamp doesn't have some uniques features and it also has some bugs. So I suggest to remove bugs and make it competitive in online market.


This PDFcamp writer is user friendly and give good fast accurate results. But not worth to buy due to some bugs and no unique features. I suggest to use Free wares instead of this PDFCamp for small uses