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Weave Words

Submitted by jill5366 on Mon, 2009-02-09 13:00.
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Mind stimulating indeed.
It can be very addictive.

A multitasking game. You don't only get to make words but also players are given a shot to solve a puzzle. For people who love to play word puzzles, this game would be very fun. With over 30 subjects to choose from, Weave Words is not like other word puzzles that gives people repeating puzzles.

The more letter your word contains, the better. In order to solve the phrase, you need to form words first and the number of chances to guess a letter to the phrase depends on the length of your words. But, you need only to pick a guessing letter from the words you form.

Game modes available are the following:
1.Classic Weave Words-where you make words, choose letters and solve the phrase to go on to the next round.
2.Relax Mode-There are no points, no rounds and no time pressure on the player's part. You just have to solve the phrases as they come.
3.Time Challenge-This mode has a lot of pressure because of time limit. The technique here is to build longer words in order to boost your score.

Each of the game modes cater the players' preference of playing. So everyone gets a chance to play in different ways.


It is a good supplement to develop children's IQ. A worthwhile game.