Search Maker Pro Review

Search Maker Pro Version 3.2

Submitted by rangateddy on Tue, 2009-02-10 08:35.
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The lowest price: 53.1$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Easy Installation and very quick, small file size, Easy user interface, Does not contain any ads or spyware. Allows you to use the evaluate version.
Not priced correctly, Help files are bad and need improvement.

Search Maker Pro Version 3.2 is a small file easy to install and very easy to use, a good search engine creator for any website. The program in not very graphical but works well and is very user friendly
The indexing and search making, the program is very user friendly and allows the user to change and program your own search engine, it give the user a lot of options.Indexing is made easy with this program.

I am not much of a programmer, so i really need to relay on the help pages of the program, however the help pages were not very sufficient to help me understand some of the uses of the program. The program also do not work well on vista computers but works well on Windows xp. The program does give everything it promises, hwoever it need to be updated to work with Vista.


It is expensive and not value for money, there are some much better programs available. However it will still do the work required. The program needs to be vista compatible otherwise it would be difficult to sell.