Pretty Good MahJongg Review

Much To Be Desired

Submitted by BethMartens on Fri, 2009-02-13 02:05.
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Easy to Use, Good selection
Very little replay value, Distractingly bad graphics, Price

There's no doubt about it - MahJongg games are very addicting. Originating in ancient China as a board game for four players, MahJongg (or májiàng, in Mandarin) has captured people's attention over the ages, and most recently as a single player, computerized game.

However, this particular MahJongg game leaves quite a bit to be desired. First of all, it is very pricey for a game that is available elsewhere for free. Many computers even come pre-loaded from the manufacturer with a version of a MahJongg game, as well as different solitaire games that are included in this package. Also, the graphics on this program are so poor, they're actually distracting. When playing the game it feels as if you’re using an outdated model of computer. The audio is annoying and repetitive, and detracts from the gaming experience. It is best played on mute. There is also very little hook to this game – no flashy graphics or interesting quirks.

For all its faults, there are several things that this game does manage to do. The instructions are fairly detailed, making learning the rules of each game quick and quite easy to understand. There is also a good selection of different games to choose from, although some of these are not incredibly interesting.


If you're interested in MahJongg, there are countless better programs available. I would not recommend this game. The good points are excruciatingly outweighed by the flaws.