Effect3D Studio Review

Catastrophic Failure!

Submitted by BethMartens on Fri, 2009-02-13 06:27.
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Relatively Easy to Understand, Could be Used as an Introduction to 3-D Animation
Much too Expensive for the Level of Usability, Lacking Necessary Features

We’ve all seen them – 3-Dimensional effects are everywhere nowadays. They can be found in movies, television shows, and internet websites – as well as many other areas of media. There is countless software that can be used to model and animate using 3-D images, and not all of it is created equal.

I’ve been working with 3-D images for close to two years, using a variety of different software. Effect3D Studio was incredibly frustrating to me. For one, you cannot model anything. You must use the preprogrammed models and the choices are quite limited. Also, numerous aspects that are vital to working in 3-D were either poorly developed, or lacking completely! Particles! Rendering! Lighting! – all these elements are essential, and all were sorely lacking in this program.

Remembering what it was like to be a beginner, I know I would have found this incredibly confusing. Although it is certainly simpler than some programs out there, without a basic understanding of the concepts of 3 Dimensional animation it still would be relatively useless. Creating “professional” quality animations is difficult, and really ought to be left to just that - professionals I have yet to find a software that beginners can simply open up, understand, and then create a professional quality graphic. If that was the goal of this program, they have failed entirely.


In all, I would have to say skip it. Advanced users will find this program useless and disappointing, beginners will find it confusing. In this case you really don't get what you pay for.