Pretty Good MahJongg Review

Sometimes simplicity is the key

Submitted by Narzerus on Sat, 2009-02-14 09:38.
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The version has a tremendous amount different game settings and options
The version is too complicated for a game meant to be simple, there's too many stuff which I'm sure no one would ever use

Preety simple, well, not really, MahJongg just like any other time-killing game, is meant to be simple. The player needs to play easy and fast, therefore this version fails. There's a big amount of aspects in this version that kills the escence of the game itself.

The GUI (Graphic User Interface) leaves a lot to desire:

-Big images in buttons which hardly explain theirselves as I personally needed to check the tooltips to know what was their function.
-Lots of USELESS stuff in the Interface, I mean, SNAPSHOTS?
-Alright variety of games is good, still it's quite confusing to find the game to play and there's lots of useless settings on that list.


Sometimes people tends to fall in the wrong idea that innovating means adding features, this is what made this version of MahJongg a mess. So, in conclusion, too much junk for a simple game.. Don't buy it unless you are a real MahJongg adict.