AV Voice Changer Review

AV Voice Changer

Submitted by pembo0630 on Mon, 2009-02-16 03:34.
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Fun, unique, customizable, simple.
Access to features in trail

There are two possible groups one would fit into if a person is considering using AV Voice Changer, be it the trial or purchased version. On the left side, you'll have a more serious bunch of people (generally kids) who plan on using the software to disguise their voice for whatever inequalities it might have. To your right you'll have a fun loving group, interested in casually using the program as a tease to prank and disguise your voice into many wacky and odd sounds. They'll use it for recreation.

If you fit in with the latter, you'll probably enjoy AV Voice Changer.It has many unique and interesting options that will appeal to a wide range of audiences. It's nice to be able to literally completely change almost all aspects of your voice. Be it pitch or tone, everything has the possibility to be altered.

While on the surface it seems to provide many fun features and interesting customization items; the trial version is so horrifically suspensive that no one can get a full view of the product. Almost every unique feature that would appeal to someone in the main version is not available in the trail. How is someone expected to buy a product when they can hardly use it at all in the trial? While the few things the trial does offer are nicely done, the impossibility of accessing 90% of the features makes it hard to fathom purchasing it.

In order to appreciate AV Voice changer, you have to take it for what it truely is. It's a nicely done, simple voice changing software that allows people fun ways to customize their voice. However, the inability to use most of the software in the trail make this a wishy-washy product buy.


It might have been a worthy buy had the trial allowed a little more freedom. 7/10 (C+)